Expanding The Boundaries


Hey, #WaldhornArmy!

I just wish to tell you a few thoughts of mine I had for a really long time...

I'm creating the music from the 16 years and during 8 years I did and released only Trance Music I still really love with all the heart of mine. But years going ahead. During the days I listening tons of new tracks in different genres and my personal taste kinda envolves so I decided to start doing something new, something I really wish to show to the world and to You guys as soon as possible!

I don't want You to think that I'm going to leave trance music, I even wish to assure You that this year I'll start to producing twice more and You will hear from me tons of Psy, Progressive & Classic Trance tracks really and really soon!

But I'm also decided to start the new chapter of my career under new alias "WALDHORN" lol. Maybe it's stupid maybe not but actually, I don't care and just wish to set some simple boundaries between Antony Waldhorn alias with (Trance sounding) stuff and WALDHORN alias under which I'm going to make some noise too, but with totally other music.

Right now I have a big passion for some dance styles I really hope You also will like! or maybe not .. haha)) but I will try to do my best because I came to the conclusion that if I have another from "trance" music in my mind, why I should keep it there! Any kind of music must be heard so I just will share it with the world!

I really hope for Your understanding and support, because only of Your support guys I'm still doing music! 

Thank You!