Is it really enough to make only music?

I think that question is really old for a lot of musicians worldwide and actually, there is no simple answer. It really depends on each individual case and artist.

I will tell You that personally for my career I found that It's not enough to create only music.

If You wish to create just music and don't think about anything else You need to have a team which will worry about other 1000 every artist have besides of music because building a successful artist career is like to build a successful business.  

But You can be a team for Yourself!

In my case, I had no team for a long time because here in Moldova people still not really about EDM etc. Working with big labels from here for me was really hard because #1 rule in the music business is that if You wish to have good relations with people and have someone to help You to grow, You must go to the places these "important" for you people are living and personally to meet them. To spend a lot of time visiting labels, discussing music, showing them your stuff and in that way only If You will make good personal connections on big record labels, these people who work there will help to You no matter what country You're living in.

Truth to be told I was not really succeeded on that. And traveling was really expensive. Also, it's almost impossible to make good relations from here using the only internet. Because right people in the industry are always busy and full of the e-mails etc. 1 chance from 1.000.000 they will pay attention not just to your stuff to make a 1 track release but on Your artist career in general.

So I decided to be a team for my self and to build my career as better as can. In any way it's much better than just cry and don't do anything lol.))

The things I have learned during last 5 years included:

  • English - to understand the market, to read a lot of resources about the music industry. To finish some music business related courses. To make collabs with musicians from other countries.
  • Graphical Design - to be able to make cool visuals for my social networks and even album artworks for my tracks. Because there is no point for me to pay a lot to graphic designer and every time I'm finishing the tune to go really low in the budget.
  • EDM Marketing - to know what I should do after finishing a track. To understand how to create a good (Artist Image)
  • Copyrights Law - to protect me as an artist and my music.
  • Marketing on social networks - cause damn these days it's not just enough to write a post on socials and all your fans will see it...You need to build a posting strategy for every product you make.
  • All the management & music business s***t cause that helped me a lot to open my own label and also to start a work like a label manager for other labels. So in the final that opened to me possibilities to travel and to meet right people for my career personally.

And even now, each day I learn more & more cause that helps me to save tons of money and sometimes to promote my stuff much better than a big label but which will not set priorities on me.

So all the producers out there! Try to learn something besides music so even if You have money You will pay to the team which will help You or You already signed under big record label which set "priorities" on Your career, I would recommend You to read and learn a lot of stuff to understand are these people really helping You or they just talking a lot and don't do anything.

I really hope You understood my point of view, and if You have something to ask regarding that post just ask me in the comment section below!


And never forget that knowledge is a huge power!