To Give Away Your Copyrights or Not?!

Hey Guys, I wish to tell you a little bit about "Publishing" thing based on my personal experience.

During last few years I got a lot of knowledge about Copyright control and Publishing things as an artist and as a label manager for Pop music labels sometimes I'm working for.

Actually, I still don't know why, but a lot of labels these days trying to sign Your tune also with transferring to them Your full Copyrights. Not just rights to use and promote the "master" of Your track but the whole copyrights as they will be able to get sync deals, to put your tracks under some advertisement,  to try to pitch Your track to some people who are always searching soundtracks for movies, tv series, games etc.

Also, the most important thing is that if You're transferring Your whole copyrights to a publisher you also lose control of legally make a rework or cover for Your track. 

Believe me... that really not a lot of tracks are good for sync deals. Its hard as hell to get a sync deal for Your track. And publisher should be really strong, experienced and successful to make that happened! Because that business is really all about connections and time publisher spent on the market.

So there is no point at all to transfer Your full copyrights to an unknown company. You just will lose control over the future of Your track and nothing more will happen.

Instead of that just go for example to Your local PRS or as I did, I'm using the "BMI" to register the all the tracks of mine because they are almost 100 years on market and especially "BMI" public rights society gives You a possibility to control both, your own and publishing copyrights. It will take You 10 minutes to register a track and You will beсome an only one who will see the royalties for Your copyrights. And nobody will be able to do something with Your track without your permission. I just personally prefer to have control over my tunes cause nobody knows what will be in the future.

And please don't worry if You will release potential bomb track, You always will be able to give the rights to a huge publisher by signing a few papers.

Hope that info will be useful for some of You because I really often see how tons of companies cheat on artists and that's not cool at all. 

And just remember. I'm not teaching you or telling you how You should do, I'm just sharing with You the experience I had. 

If You have any questions regarding that post just ask me anything in the comment section below =)