Is it really enough to make only music?

I think that question is really old for a lot of musicians worldwide and actually, there is no simple answer. It really depends on each individual case and artist.

I will tell You that for my career I found that It's not enough to create just music.

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To Give Away Your Copyrights or Not?!

Hey Guys, I wish to tell you a little bit about "Publishing" and "Copyrights" things based on my personal experience.

During last few years I got a lot of knowledge about Copyright control and Publishing things as an artist and as a label manager for Pop music labels sometimes I'm working for.

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Expanding The Boundaries

Hey, #WaldhornArmy!

I just wish to tell you a few thoughts of mine I had for a really long time...

I'm creating the music from the 16 years and during 8 years I did and released only Trance Music I still really love with all the heart of mine. But years going ahead. During the days I listening tons of new tracks in different genres and my personal taste kinda envolves so I decided to start doing something new, something I really wish to show to the world and to You guys as soon as possible!

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