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Antony Waldhorn feat. Daya Strix - Lighthouse For Heaven

"Lighthouse For Heaven" Is really special track for me cause I did it with an amazing girl and really talented vocalist from my own country. I have met Daya Strix on stage, on one of the events I played here in Moldova. Actually, she was a dancer on stage and this is not the first time I am convinced that if You're searching a talent to work with You will find it in the place You never thought about. 

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Antony Waldhorn - The Best Of Intros VOL. 1

Hey, #TranceFamily.

I wish to tell You a short story behind this EP I released under "Waldhorn Music"

I'm doing Trance music from 2010 and because from the childhood, I'm a classical musician and orchestra player I always had a passion also to create classical music. But unfortunately not so a lot of people these days listening to the classical music. EDM and Pop music rules the world last 30-40 years I think. So when I just started to make music I knew that if I want to be recognizable I need to make something new.. to have my own signature sounding.

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