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Antony Waldhorn - Into The Wild

Hey Guys! I wish to tell You a little bit about "Into The wild" tune of mine.

I did that tune at the beginning of 2017 and when I first started to work on It, It supposed to be Trance Tune 136BPM etc. But first of all You know I'm from Moldova and during all the life from every radio station, I heard national folklore music I'm in general was not a really big fan of.

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Sunstroke Project - Hey Mamma (Antony Waldhorn Remix)

Back to May 2018, I had a pleasure to work on a remix for Sunstroke Project band from the Republic Of Moldova. The track I did remix for took the 3rd place on Eurovision Song Contest same year in Kiev.

Truth to be told... when I first heard it, it was like 5 from 10 for me but after hours in the studio, I found that fresh sounding in future bass style so it worked for me really well on that song. 

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