Sunstroke Project - Hey Mamma (Antony Waldhorn Remix)

Back to May 2018, I had a pleasure to work on a remix for Sunstroke Project band from the Republic Of Moldova. The track I did remix for took the 3rd place on Eurovision Song Contest same year in Kiev.

Truth to be told... when I first heard it, it was like 5 from 10 for me but after hours in the studio, I found that fresh sounding in future bass style so it worked for me really well on that song. 

I spent around 2 or 3 days doing it and actually loved my version much more than original lol. 

We released that remix in the album with a few other versions and during a few months after, it reached 100.000 plays on Spotify so it's kinda achievement for me! 

Hope You guys will like it as I like it and please don't judge me cause I didn't made a trance version of that track :D/

P.s maybe I'll do something with Sunstroke for real #TranceFamily but not in a near future))

Let trance be trance.