Antony Waldhorn - Following The Sunrise

Following The Sunrise

With a huge support from Mr. Armin Van Buuren, Antony Waldhorn is finally back to Trance genre with a brand new tune "Following The Sunrise".
This Tune is a tasty mix of classical progressive sounding, epic orchestral breakdown with a touch of beautifully created solo for the cello and at the end of the breakdown dreamed piano came to the top of the track to take you in another world. 

In a few words, we can call the breakdown of "Following The Sunrise", just outstanding!
In the second part, the track rhythmics changing to unexpected triplets made with a classical Antony Waldhorn's powerful leads, which definitely fill all the space in the tune and keep you in suspense till the drop comes where it's just impossible to stay on the earth when the sound takes you to the air as a huge rocket.

Following The Sunrise is a really good piece of art filled with elements which give it the flexibility to be played by DJs not only in a small clubs but also on a huge stage. 

And of course, it is a perfect choice for the listening on your headphones if You're at home or somewhere outside living Your life and just wish to feel that energy which definitely will make Your day a way better.