Antony Waldhorn & Noire Lee - Who I Am

Hey Guys! Today I'm really proud to announce that my track I did together with an amazing Canadian singer Noire Lee is finally out on the label of my good friends DoubleV "WildRun Records".

Actually, I have a big and long story behind that track but will try to tell You a short version of it.

Back in 2016 I really started to enjoy Future Bass genre because that kind of music helps me to relax a lot and this style usually has a slow tempo, really rich melody line good pop vocals on it so in general, I can listen to that genre everywhere in any time of the day. So I thought, what if I will create something in the same genre cause I just like it. 

During a day or so I did a chords progression, found good sounding future bass leads and because like I already said in my previous posts I'm kinda a fan of Ethno voices I found a sample of Native American singing and used that vocal sample over the whole track. 

But anyway the track sounded incomplete without lyrics and good voice.

In those days I had a connection with one Trance artist in Canada and on my luck, he also was a manager of a couple of vocalists from there. I already worked with him on my track "The Last Ones Standing" with Michele C. So I showed him that "Who I Am" track of mine and asked if he sees someone can sing on it. He immediately found that Noire Lee can sing that style cause she liked this direction and she had a kinda strong voice with the vocal pressure I searched for. And in a month or so the track was done. That's how we finished working on music for that release.

After The Business Part Started .....

Actually, the business part of music is the worst thing ever. It took almost 2 years for me to release that track. I sent it to biggest independent and major labels. Waited for a reply from each label from weeks to months. And only heard from all of them that tune is good, but for major labels, it was too EDM and for Independent, it was too Pop. But the main thing I learned...and unfortunately forgot when started all this business s***t to promote my tune that if You have a good music, believe me, or not, It should be released asap. 1-2 months is the best timing ever for You if You really want to make some noise around Yourself. Definitely not 1-2 years. Music trends will not wait for You, they changing and involves every 6 or 12 months. I mean If Your idea was amazing for 2016, in 2018 it will be like so. so. So just release the tunes more often!

Cause of that, In the final I have signed "Who I Am" tune on "WildRun Records" because guys who run it are really good at promoting that kind of music and they gave me fastest release dates ever!

This story is just my personal experience and not really a lot of producers are talking about such things but all of them face this in any way. So Hope for someone of You it will be useful.

In any way, guys Thank You for the support and enjoy my brand new tune right now!