Antony Waldhorn feat. Daya Strix - Lighthouse For Heaven

"Lighthouse For Heaven" Is really special track for me because I did it with an amazing girl and really talented vocalist from my own country. I have met Daya Strix on stage, on one of the events I played here in Moldova. Actually, she was a dancer on the stage and this is not the first time I am convinced that if You're searching a talent to work with You will find that talent in the place You never thought about. 

During the years I saw a lot of good vocalists here in Moldova, I even tried to work with most of them but here in Moldova, it's hard cause nobody from these professionals feels the EDM and Trance Music...They have high ambitions cause they spent all the life learning singing etc but that's actually all they really have.

Working with Daya was a little bit hard at the beginning cause for me was really hard to explain what I want. I'm not a singer and to show the idea in my head to a novice but talented vocalist was hard. But anyway after spending a few days together she caught the wave of my mind and sang in the way I really and really loved! It was a big surprise for me because I spent years for searching and after I let my hands down I found her!

I'm definitely this year will make way more tunes with her amazing vocals! Cause she really deserves to be highlighted!

The track we did together was something like Arty doing these days under Alpha9 name. I really and really love that kind of melodic and progressive trance with deep bass drum and bassline, with wide airy pads and piano. So I really hope I will be able to make for You more tracks in this genre cause that music really heals souls and make days better.