Antony Waldhorn - The Best Of Intros VOL. 1


Hey, #TranceFamily.

I wish to tell You a short story behind this EP I released under "Waldhorn Music"

I'm doing Trance music from 2010 and because from the childhood, I'm a classical musician and orchestra player I always had a passion also to create classical music. But unfortunately not so a lot of people these days listening to the classical music. EDM and Pop music rules the world last 30-40 years I think. So when I just started to make music I knew that if I want to be recognizable I need to make something new.. to have my own signature sounding.

As I understood later I was only half right.

In 2010 I started to create Trance Music with classical orchestral elements. It was so cool to put in the breakdown of the track whole orchestra with rich harmony progression and some opera voices... Omg. I loved and still love that so much! My idea was not just to make the tune people can listen or dance to, but to tell them a story, to give to the track such an atmosphere so people will feel all the emotions I felt when worked on the tune. Years ago I really thought that is really cool!

But after I found that BIG labels do not really understand that. They most of the time want You to make almost the same sounds their main artists doing. Now I see that is all about resources, money etc. It's business... Nobody wants to put limited resources and invest in something they have no guarantees will make a good profit. Now I totally agree with them, but unfortunately, we all forget about music and we just thinking more about how to make the killer track which nobody will remember but that track will make a huge profit in a short time.

This EP is not new at all but these Intro versions of tracks never were released cause too much music and really long time duration. So I decided to release them under Waldhorn Music so even few people after all this time will be able to listen and maybe that music will make them feel something good and bright.

I can talk a lot about all that stuff, but actually it's time to stop for a little bit and to listen to the tunes.

Thank You Guys!

P.s all the original mixes of these tracks were released on different big labels so Google the track if you want to use it somewhere :D