Antony Waldhorn - Into The Wild

Hey Guys! I wish to tell You a little bit about "Into The wild" tune of mine.

I did that tune at the beginning of 2017 and when I first started to work on It, It supposed to be Trance Tune 136BPM etc. But first of all You know I'm from Moldova and during all the life from every radio station, I heard national folklore music I'm in general was not a really big fan of. But the beats and energy it gave to simple people were just amazing. I don't know why but the rhythm always reminded me the first tracks of Afro Jack. So after hours and hours doing trance track, the idea came to me that I can use something new in the drop after breakdown. So I just did it. I put some "Moldavian" rhythm to kick drum and wow that added to the track a way more colors! After I decided to slow the track a little bit down cause the groove was really full of energy and on the high tempo, it sounded really crazy.  lol)

The main thing I understood doing that tune that I need to give to people less music information.. To create kind of minimalism in my arrangement so they will be able to feel each part of my idea clearly. To hear each element separately. The golden rule in dance and pop music I think sounds like "Less Is More"

And guess what?! When I first played that track on 10.000 crowd it worked in the best way it could!

I have released that tune under "Waldhorn Music" because .. not so a lot of people know that working with big labels is hard... To release just 1 track could take a year because each big company set priorities on their main artists. and If You are not the main artist You need to wait and the fans also should wait a lot ...

I don't accept that. Music must be heard in a month or so after artist finish working on it. Definitely not in a year. So now I'm focusing to release the tracks under my own imprint cause I really appreciate the time of each one of my fans.